Business Name
Bluewater Baby Bluewater Baby Bluewater Baby
28986 Cannon Dr., Seaford, Delaware 19973
Phone: 302-245-8825302-245-8825

“Thanks again for the excellent workmanship and attention to detail. It was a pleasure to work with you.”
– Robert V.

“The boat is great – so stable and it handles the big waves unbelievably.” – Carol M – NJ USA

I really enjoy the “Bluewater Lady” … Purchasing this boat has been a pleasure.”
– John W

“I have had two of your little boats – the best in the world! Thank you.”
– Bud C

“We have been enjoying [our Bluewater Lady] extremely.  We are particularly impressed with the stability of the Bluewater Lady—I can stand on the side gunwales fishing and the boat hardly even lists to side—VERY STABLE, and very agile.  A terrific reassurance to new boaters.”
– Steve & Priya W

“The buy of the [Annapolis] boat show!”
– Pleasure Boater TV