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The Bluewater Baby came into existence in 2004 with company management headed by the boat designer Ron Rogers. In late 2015 Ron was ready to do more sailing on his cruising catamaran so the company’s assets were purchased by Roy and Grace Whitaker. The production of the boat was moved from the Florida-Alabama line in Florala to being headquartered in Seaford, Delaware, right off the Nanticoke River tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.

Roy Whitaker is an engineer with a never ending passion for boats. After a great work background in manufacturing with several major corporations such as Garlock Division of Colt Industries, Freudenberg-Wheaton, and Siemens Telecommunications he had a twenty-year career with the State of Delaware/Seaford School District where he oversaw approximately 100 million dollars of construction/renovation. He also oversaw groundbreaking energy efforts that saved the taxpayers millions of dollars and achieved national acclaim. With the blessing of taking early retirement he was energized to get back to his passions: manufacturing and BOATS!

Growing up on a tributary of Barnegat Bay Roy had exposure to boats of all types. Rowing, sailing, and motoring craft were used for exploring, transportation, fishing/crabbing, and relaxation. His first pail of resin and roll of fiberglass were handed to him when he was 14 years old and his boatbuilding career was underway! His boat building experience includes all types from a skin on frame Coracle and Umiak to the largest boat, a steel Roberts Waverunner 45 Pilothouse Trawler built in 2001. Business management is not new for the Whitakers, as from 1984-89 they owned and operated a successful automotive parts and service organization. Grace, who took a sailing class in college to be up to speed with boating safety and operation, has a background in medical care with the last two decades spent in the marketing realm. She is excited to be overseeing a customer service company based around a recreational sport.

Nanticoke Industries LLC was formed in the fall of 2015 for the purpose of overseeing the manufacturing and sales of the Bluewater Baby/Lady/Barefooter. There are three generations of boat loving Whitakers involved in the business. To facilitate building the absolute best skiffs on the market the company joined the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) which is a non-profit, member organization that develops voluntary safety standards for the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of recreational boats. ABYC is the premier global standards organization in the marine industry and a leader in technical education and technician certification. (Learn More On The ABYC In The Link Below). The manufacturing of the boats is done by the Whitakers hands on.

Because our boats are custom built to the owner’s needs and wishes we look forward to meeting fellow boaters and supplying them with the best made skiffs that have a focus on quality and safety.


When the Bluewater Baby designer, Ron Rogers, approached the completion of his personal boat building project, a 46′ Sailing Catamaran, he began to look for a skiff to accompany the new yacht.  His demanding requirements were not met by any boat being made, and it became apparent that this had to be an extraordinary skiff with the right combination of custom features to go with his custom yacht.

The goal – Safe, Fast, Stable, Fun, Beautiful and Long-lasting.

So he teamed up with a master mold maker and boat builder and built one – The Bluewater Baby.  Now you too can benefit from our efforts to produce the finest line of efficient custom skiffs that are suitable for multiple uses.


The other educational sections outline the specific details on why you would consider purchasing one our boats, and we can summarize with:

  1. Since 2004 our boats have a proven track record of being great skiffs. The Bluewater Baby/Lady design has been proven by people who use their skiffs on a daily basis. Unlike some inflatables, our boat will plane with four people aboard.
  2. The boats have been further improved to comply with the voluntary and continually improving ABYC safety standards which exceed the federally mandated USCG standards.
  3. The engineering focused company management is looking to continually improve the boats and manufacturing process while meeting the customer’s needs for an affordable high quality boat.
  4. American made. The US-manufactured fiberglass, specialty marine construction laminating resin, and gelcoat is manufactured to high quality standards and is consistent.  Control of the raw materials and control of the manufacturing process is critical to producing a quality boat that will provide excellent service for many years. The Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay is a historical boat building region with a rich culture in watercraft.  Only a few miles from here the Victory Chimes (Edwin and Maude, Domino Effect), last sailing ram left on the Chesapeake Bay, was built in 1900.  We look forward to continuing this boatbuilding tradition.
  5. The boats are being made by the family that owns the company. They are passionate boat users and will make sure that your boat is quality throughout.  The boats are being built by the more labor intensive hand layup with the best possible glass to resin ratio for a strong, light boat.  We will work with you to customize the boat to your needs.